Friday, August 10, 2012

Twenty filters in 5 days

Today the water filter team installed 6 filters in order to reach their goal of 20 in five days . They installed the last two in the pouring rain. Sergio reached his goal of finishing 14 more to be installed for next week.
The public health team finished all the well child visits scheduled at the school in Desierto. While the clinic continued to see patients even after the rains came.
Today Julie left, everyone was so sad:(

At night, we had yet another birthday - this time it was Wade's birthday .
Twenty six kids from the village came to the party. Some of them came as dancers to do the original Mayan dances, others came as friends of Hillary and Wade. It was great fun. Abby the field director, joined the kids
wearing Mayan dress. She had been practicing all week. Way to go Abby!

We were happy to have two new kids sponsored by Medical practice and by Erin, another member of the team.

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