Friday, August 10, 2012

Today was the team's second day of work. The construction team continues work both on the PID grounds and out at the site in Blanchard. They made a total of 97 blocks. The ladies running the children's program had another successful day here at PID with the Blanchard kids. They did stretching, excersizes, arts and crafts, and enjoyed a hot meal. The nurse continued work in the triage, and also had the opportunity to perform an ultrasound for a pregnant woman today.

For tonight's team meeting Madame Pavelus came and gave her version of Haiti's history as she knows it. She also shared a personal testimony of her experience in the earthquake and what PID has done for her. She named the names of individual team members that worked on her house as well as the nurse who helped her daughter when she was sick. It reminds us of what an impact each person really does have on the lives of the people they help at PID.

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