Friday, August 3, 2012

Last Night For The Emory Church Team

The construction team had a long day of work day. The home they have been working on for the last week is rapidly nearing completion, which was very exciting for many of the team members. Some were fortunate enough to share a visit with their sponsor children, while others packaged vitamins and made Medika Mamba. There was also English tutoring later in the day. Being the last day for the Emory Church Team, memories and thoughts were exchanged about the weeks work. All were thankful for a successful week of VBS, and the energetic children that made it so enjoyable.

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  1. Lizzy,

    My husband Doug and daughters were with the Emory Team. He wanted me to contact you to get the info on the child he said we would sponsor what was in a dire need of assistance. Please send it to me at as soon as you can and we will make the arrangements to sponsor!