Thursday, August 2, 2012

Last day of VBS

Today was the last day of VBS for the Blanchard and Cite Soleil kids here in Haiti. As part of the program, each kid had their feet washed. They learned of Jesus's love for them. The volunteers told the kids "Jezi renmen ou" (Jesus loves you), and the kids responded "Jezi renmen ou tou" (Jesus loves you too). Everyone involved was touched by the experience. All the kids that participated went home with a backpack filled with school supplies and a handmade dress and they were very grateful.

The doctor and nurse continue to see patients in the clinic. Today, on pregnancy day, one patient complained of an "abdominal mass" and refused to believe that she was pregnant, even after viewing her child's heart beating in the ultrasound.

The sponsorship room was busy today. Several volunteers had the opportunity to meet their sponsored children. Wislain, the malnourished little baby continues to come in every day and is gaining weight. We have another emergency child who came in as well, a very sick little malnourished baby with an insatiable appetite and distended stomach. He has been added to our medika mamba program and needs a sponsor!

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