Monday, July 9, 2012

Start of the week in Haiti

   Today Sarah, the visiting PA, shadowed by Cindy, saw almost all children patients, plus a parent or two. Sarah has been reconnecting with staff members from her last trip here in September. Cindy also spent more time today counting medical supply inventory, and organizing for the database. Jimmy and Holly spent the morning sorting items that came down in PID suitcases, and then moved into the kitchen to make the medical peanut butter mixture (mamba) we give out to malnourished kids. They spread out the ingredients on the kitchen table and worked on making the mushy cookies for what must have been 3 hours. Both of them continue to work on their Creole, which is helpful since they will both be here for more than a month! In the afternoon they lesson-planned and then did their first children's Engilsh class together, although Jimmy did the first official class on his own last Friday. Holly teaches 4th grade back home in the US, so is a great asset to the team. This time the kids learned how to say and write numbers -- up to a million! They also did the names of colors, and then wrote all of their new vocabulary in a notebook that they will take home and study. The kids learned a lot and seemed to really enjoy the class! Those of us who were not teaching definitely enjoyed overhearing what was going on in the class -- they kids are adorable and they all seemed to learn the words quickly.

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