Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday afternoon

It's clinic day here in Guatemala. I'm currently sitting out back because the internet works better when I'm outside. Julie and Rachel got a lot accomplished yesterday at the preschool in the upper section of the village. They were able to do some teaching and training with the parents and some mothers thanked them for their hard work. The director of the school was easy to work with and knows how to get things done.

Yesterday we stumbled upon a lab in San Antonio and were able to find out where we can get some coverslips for microscope slides so that they can continue to do fecal samples.

Julie and Rachel have been accompanied the past few days by ten-year-old Gustavo. He shows them around the village and helps them find different houses. They thank him by buying him a choco-banano (frozen banana dipped in chocolate). Today they even let him look through the microscope at some parasites.

Julie, Angie and Rachel

Angie and her little sister who had a seizure at the clinic a few weeks ago.

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