Sunday, July 8, 2012

Eventful weekend

Its been busy here this weekend. Friday launched the beginning of Jimmy's English class for  the kids. Saturday was a full work day for the team. Over 40 kids from the Child Sponsorship program came in for a head-to-toe check up with the practitioners here ( who saw no shortage of cute babies), while the construction team continued to work on PID's education center. It is located right on the property and is really starting to come together.

 After the check-up's were done a few team members hopped onto the construction team's work. Afterwards, a local pastor walked us all to his church where some church members sang traditional Creole songs and prayed for us. A really moving gesture -- and really lively music! This morning was full of goodbye's as last week's team prepared to leave. They are a team that cares a lot about the population of people they serve. Physician's assistant Sarah and her assistant Cindy, as well as intern Jimmy are still here at PID, and earlier this evening Holly arrived from the US to join the team. She is also an intern for this month who will be teaching English in a children's program, among other things. We are settling in for the night before the workweek starts tomorrow.

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