Friday, May 18, 2012

PID is growing up

This was an exciting day! The clinic staff did their formal introductions to the team explaining who they were, what they did and what information they could provide team members. They did a fabulous job.

Docs without borders showed up and had a tour of The clinic.

Our first directors and department manager meeting occurred today. We talked about each persons job and Pouchons new title, Manager of Guest Services. The time flew by and two hours later we ended a very gratifying meeting. Guetchine who is now the Head of Administration and in charge of PID legal paperwork, employee issues , ran back to the office
And worked late into the night, finishing her part of the documents for the MSPP.

Met with small business team, and as usual struggled with making sure that our focus remains on the poorest of the poor.

Talked with one of the counselors about one of the patients who was so complicated and about how we can provide services for them.

Talked to Mr Genois for an hour about the child sponsorship program , he is coming in tomorrow to meet with a new family and begin visiting 25 new families from Cite Soliel, Damien and Canaan for the program.

Ended by meeting with the Chris from the Solar team about what it means to be solar- big changes coming. Finally time to sleep. Long but wonderful day.

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