Thursday, May 17, 2012

A diverse day here in Haiti. The Small Business team was in meetings with the staff all day today, working together to survey the incredible progress and possible changes in the Small Business program. Martha is a small business owner with a background in international microfinance. Eric and Kathleen are also professors, Eric of business and Kathleen of English.

Gabby, Allie and Ale (whose name is pronounced “Allie” as well) who also came yesterday, are volunteering  here for three weeks. Gabby, who is a junior in college majoring in business, will be participating in the Small Business team. Allie and Ale are junior nursing majors and will be learning from and shadowing the medical staff. 
The Solar team made great progress today, worked all day on the hot roof, and completed the frame where the solar panels eventually will be mounted. Barbara the physical therapist saw more than 10 patients today, noting how many of their pains come from a lifetime of hard work. The counselors continue to see patients, many of whom were pregnant women from the weekly Prenatal Clinic today.

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