Monday, July 11, 2011

Update from Jordan

Overwhelmed and flooded with 5 million different emotions right now. I am completely mentally and physically exhausted at the moment with quite a few things that have been building up. It started last night when I was invited to take a kid that broke their arm to the hospital. I went to the hospital in my first “real” car; mind you all of the roads are gravel and I was white knuckled the whole way there. We finally got there and everything was much more complicated then what we are used to in the US the boy who had the broken arm was barely able to be seen, I felt awful for him. The facilities were pretty clean just not as organized and private as what we are used to, we were in the room during the Xray. After we had to head to the market, received many looks and points, which seems to be he norm since we have been here. Today we FINALLY started our VBS program with great success. It was very challenging to communicate with the children, being that they do speak a different language, but it was something I struggled with being that part of me showing my love for God and playing sports is through my energy and enthusiasm when I speak. However, I think the games were very successful still and the children seemed to enjoy themselves :-) the craft was a hit! Wordless book necklaces, even the boys loved them! The english lesson was a little rough because the large communication barrier, but I am positive it will go better tomorrow! Feeding the children was quite the scene, I was jaw dropped the entire meal. We gave children ages 2 to 12 a 2 pound plate of rice and beans and we were telling the servers “petite” meaning smaller but sure enough they were right not one piece of rice was left on a plate! I was amazed! The children all want to be loved and touched I had at least 2 kids on me at all times and apparently I was pretty comfortable because a couple fell sound asleep! So precious! As we were leaving the kids were pulling us all back from the cars while we were leaving, it made me feel so happy to had made such a great connection with the kids on the first day! I cannot wait to get back tomorrow!! Missing EVERYONE back home! For the first time in my life I am home sick, crazy, believe it or not Mom and Dad! Love you all! -Jordan McKeon

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