Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Haiti Update

The VBS team had a very successful second day at Damien Tent Village.  We made some minor adjustments to our “process” and things seemed to go much smoother.  In the morning we have 3 - 7 year olds and in the afternoon the older kids come (8 - 12).  It was really fun to see this older group connect with us today - they loved the singing, praising, crafts, sports… everything!  I hope we are bringing some pleasure and hope to their lives.

Alison continues to do amazing work for us at the clinic.  She sees patients all day long and then stays up half the night working on various programs and projects that will help to improve clinic and medical program. 

Milo and Emma worked construction in Blanchard again today.  They have made so many friends here that are going to be very sad when they leave.  Milo heads off to college in the Fall and talks about organizing a college team to come to Haiti with him. That would be great!

We say goodby to Amanda tomorrow. She had a short stay, but fulfilling stay with us this trip.  She helped with construction, caring for children and delivering tons on supplies that she brought to families in the villages we serve.  We will miss her.

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