Sunday, July 10, 2011

This morning we all went to Mr. Genois church, but arrivead a little too late and every single seat...

This morning we all went to Mr. Genois church, but arrivead a little too late and every single seat was taken.  We sat on some benches outside the church and listened to the singing, sermon and prayers.  There was a cool breeze… it was wonderful!

After church we loaded in the Tap Tap and headed for the beach up north.  On our way we stopped at Canaan Tent Village to allow Pastor Brian to look around at the facilities and surroundings.  He and another team from his church will return at the end of July to conduct a VBS children’s program here as well.  There is a building, large tent and open area he decided would work fine for the program. As always, we attracted the children and it was hard to pull the team away to continue our treck to the beach!

Since this was the first time to Haiti for most on the Tap Tap, we stopped at the mass grave for the earthquake victims to pay our respect and offer a brief prayer.  It’s still overwhelming for me even though I’ve been there multiple times.

We had a great time at the beach relaxing, swiming, enjoying a good meal and buying some crafts. Most of the team felt a little guilty about having such a peaceful day.  I told them not to and that they should remember that peaceful feeling after a few days of “managing” 150 VBS students or working the construction sites.

On our arrival back to the PID compound one of our Haitian constuction laborers, Woodson, showed up with his arm wraped and hanging to his side.  Earlier that day he had a dizzy spell, fell and badly hurt his arm.  Allison Child, who is an RN from the states, took a look at it and thought it may be broken.  Pouchon, Jordan and I took him to St. Lukes for an xray and thank God, it wasn’t broken! We hope he heals quickly because he so wants to get back to working for PID.

Everyone is in bed now for the night, getting the rest they will need for the weeks work ahead of them.

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