Wednesday, July 13, 2011

VBS update from Holly

Well, as I begin writing, we are all in the clinic trying to stay dry and going crazy over the tarantula that just crawled by. Today was day 3 in Damien and things are really starting to flow as the team and kids get into a rhythm. My favorite part of every day definitely has to be pulling into the village and being greeted by all of the kids. We are starting to get to know them and they are getting to know us. M mission each day is to get them to learn my name. So far, Holly seems to be pretty difficult for the Haitians :) . I am also working really hard on my Creole…it’s coming, thanks to Mr. Genouis. This morning, I was really excited that on our way into the “school,” the kids were telling me all of the English that they remembered from my lesson yesterday. Our Bible lesson today was about how Jesus or Jezi teaches us to live and help others. So, Pastor Brian and I washed all of their feet or lavae nou pie.8 I have to say that I was imagining us doing this same activity in our American VBS and the kids laughing. I’m not sure that they would take it very seriously or understand the symbolism. Knowing that kids are kids, I assumed these kids would react the same way. I was shocked at the reverence they demonstrated. Kids of all ages (1-14yrs) appreciated this experience. Some kids got back in line to have us wash them again. Our translator was absolutely amazing and helped the kids understand the importance of Jezi washing people’s feet. I am so humbled to have been a part of such a spiritual experience with them. Each day my feelings and emotions are different, but today was hard and it breaks my heart to see just how hungry EVERYONE is. The positive is that we are making a difference and they are making a difference in me. Continue to pray for our team and Haiti. Ourwa!

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