Wednesday, March 15, 2017

UMD Health Education Posters

Yesterday and today we continue our Well Child visits, as well as our regular clinic visits. Dr. Kwan Kew left this morning to reutrn home, and we are grateful for the service she gave us these two weeks. The team has loved collaborating with her while working in the Clinic.

A special shout-out today to Kerry whose duty it has been all week to get blood samples from the clinic from Child Sponsorship kids. Its a hard job to prick kids fingers, but as Kerry says, the data is important and helps the team know if the child's diet has enough iron.

 Along with the Well Child visits UMD always creates public health education presentations to present to PID's patients. This year there were nine amazing posters covering a variety of topics: including breastfeeding, Zika, hypertension...and many others. The students presented the posters to groups of patients and many times the presentations spurred questions and discussions related to the health topics.

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