Wednesday, March 22, 2017

**Emergency Sponsorship in Guatemala**

Alejandra Isabel Ren Pelico
DOB: February 5, 2016  #3059

Alejandra is 1 year old and the youngest of sixteen children! Her mother is currently pregnant with baby number 17. The oldest five children are married and no longer live in the same house. Alejandra and her siblings live with their parents in a one room concrete house with a tin roof and a cement floor. Alejandra’s father rents a plot of land and everyone in the family helps to plant and harvest corn, squash, beans, herbs and yucca. Their monthly income is only about $200. Alejandra is severely malnourished – to the point where her hair is falling out – and has anemia. This family desperately needs the help of a sponsor to get Alejandra healthy!

If you are interested in helping out Alejandra and her family, please sign up today 

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