Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Full week comes to a close for Loras students

Loras students with local workers

Today the Loras students conclude their week-long adventure here in Haiti and they head back home in a few hours. The week has consisted of hard costruction tasks as well as lots of cross cultural social work and medical shadowing experiences. The team especially bonded with the workers showing them the ropes on the sites, and of course the dozens of children around town as well. 

Josh, Kate and Reily inside the soon-to-be-Latrine

The social work shadowers were able to see what it is like to contact a family in our PID circle when that family doesn't have a phone. Earlier in the week, I took three social work students on a somewhat long walk to one of our sponsorship children's houses, where we left word with the neighbor that PID needed the family to come to the office. Four days later the family came to the office: very different than the United States where you would simply call the family on the phone, and give a specific appointment time for the family to arrive. In Haiti, the family comes at a time when they were able.

One of the Loras students also began sponsoring our little friend Doudley this week. She was able to meet Doudley and his mother. In July Doudley will be 3 years old, so in Haiti that means he is old enough for Pre-School. Because of the sponsorship his mother is looking forward to being able to send him to school in the fall. :)

Lauren, Olmilie, and Doudley

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