Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sickle cell patients, Children's programs, and Midwife reviews

While Dr. Tamara was here she was seeing not only regular clinic patients, but also people in our sickle cell program.

Tamara checks out a patient.

She is so proud of Samuel for all he has learned about sickle cell symyoms and treatment. I know that Holly and Leonza also had a great week collaborating with staff.
Also, it seems obvious that Jenny's children's programs will be seriously missed by the local kids. I can tell because she left on Sunday and I've been asked 30+ times by local kids if they can come after school to do the program with Jenny! Good thing Shorty does kid's programs on the weekends. :)

Try to find Jenny in this sea of love. :)

After they left, Alison and Lynn arrived along with Tali from the US office. The nurses are doing specialized review classes for the matrons who have taken their Safe Birth classes in the past. The first Review ended yesterday and today they are seeing sick children and adults from Molea/Truitier area. Tomorrow the next Review class will start again.

Alison and her translator talking with a patient.

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