Friday, October 28, 2016

Home Visits to Barrios I

Over the past few years we have been introduced to a new village of San Antonio called Barrios I. During medical teams our sickest patients often came from this area and we found many malnourished children and kids with special needs. We have around 10 children from Barrios that entered under Emergency Sponsorship. We decided to see if we could find some more kids to add to our program. Alejandra gathered paperwork and did interviews for about 8 families. 

Yesterday we went out to visit their homes. Now I understand why many of the women have a hard time coming in for follow up - they live really far away! It took us about 15 minutes to drive to the main entrance, then another 10 minutes down a very rocky path, then another 10 minutes walking down narrow paths, over rivers and through the woods. 

These families are very removed from society and often miss out on access to basic health care based on their location. As I was walking down the rocky paths I could only imagine what would happen if there was some sort of emergency and a person needed to be transported to the hospital. 

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