Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Madame Jean's new house and the end of a great summer in Haiti

Eltride Jean in front of her new home in Canaan. (Neighborhood kids in background).
Eltride exploring the house.

We close an eventful, hot and fulfilling summer here in Haiti. We had several house-building teams come and build in Canaan as well as Duvivier. Thanks to all their work, two families are moving into their new homes. Eltride Jean, who I drove to Canaan last Friday to check out her house, has 4 children whose father is out of the picture. When we opened the door to her new place, her eyes lit up. She is so excited to have a safe, dry, and private space. While leaving, we walked past another woman who recently moved into a PID home in Canaan. Janet Ceasar moved into her place in April. As we walked past her Eltride was so excited to see her. The two women embraced each other. It turns out they know each other from when they both lived in the Blancahrd area. Canaan is far, and a big move like that might be intimidating, despite the fact that its a life-changing opportunity. I could tell Eltride was very glad to find that her new neighbor is an old friend! It was a really sweet moment.

In addition to Eltride, Madame Sherline Germain is also moving into her house! Sherline first crossed paths with PID after the earthquake. She has a big family including twin boys in our sponsorship program. The August construction team is pictured below with Sherline (in yellow). The twins are in front in orange and white t-shirts.

 August: The Priestly/Rockwell team with Sherline and her twins in front of their home-to-be, and neighborhood kids. 

August: making progress!
  Sherline's house is being built on land in Duvivier that her grandfather gave her. She will move in this week sometime, a great relief for her since housing has been questionable for her for years.

Now: just finishing touches are left!

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