Friday, July 15, 2016

Week of July 10-16

The emphasis of the last week of summer fun was science, technology, engineering and math. Lynn Grainger, 3rd grade teacher from Millbrook, NY, ran this part of the program. Kids who were old enough learned about and dissected owl pellets. Through this they were able to learn what the owl had eaten and identify different bones found within the pellet. They also made their own parachutes out of cups, pipe cleaners and tissue paper. When they were done they were able to see them released off the roof. They built structures out of uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows, as well as testing those skills out with larger tubes of newspaper by building with them. Along with this they were also able to do various other arts & crafts and got to spend some time on the computers. At the end of the program the younger kids were able to run through the sprinkler while the older kids got to go to the pool in Ruleville on Friday.

Pearlie Hodges' house is coming along as the house wrap was put up and the shingles are about to be put on.

The computer room and library are back up and running and some of the kids spent time in the morning and afternoons on I-ready and playing educational games. They also got time to read aloud with Ms. Lynn and myself.

Written by: Amanda Tarlow

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