Thursday, July 21, 2016

CPR training in Haiti

 This week all PID Haiti staff had the opportunity to get CPR certified through Susan McDonald and the American Heart Association. She certified over 40 PID staff and over 30 members of the community in learning when CPR is needed and how to perform it. The staff loved the classes! Susan brought CPR mannequins made especially for CPR training that light up when you are performing CPR correctly. These mannequins, in addition to several baby and adult oxygen bags, and a new AED machine (for PID's emergency room) are all being donated to PID thanks to Sue and the grant she received! Everyone who participated in the training received CPR certification (and the card to prove it) valid for two years

While Susan was busy teaching CPR, her daughter Jessica was busy doing craft project after craft project with local kids in thr PID cafeteria. Everyday was a different craft. Programs like this are so valuable for the kids. Summer vacation here in Haiti doesn't come with a lot of free programs for kids, so I know their families were excited that the kids could participate.

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