Saturday, March 12, 2016

Medical students and Nursing students in Haiti

This week we are welcoming a group of nursing students from UMass Dartmouth and also saying goodbye (for now) to three terrific medical students from Campbell School of Medicine in North Carolina. Med student Zach, who had previously interned in Haiti, was excited to see the staff at PID again - and he brought his friends Brian and Saylor. The three of them worked with Dr. Paul this week, nurse Sultane in wound care, and with Samuel for the Diabetes program, interviewing patients about lifestyle issues that could exacerbate Type 2 diabetes. On Wednesday we traveled to Canaan 1 to see where Sultane will build her new house, through a PID loan. Sultane’s family began digging the foundation three years ago but were not able to continue due to a shortage of funds - until now! 

Saylor with Sultane's son, Lordson
The beautiful view from Sultane's house
Over 20 nursing students arrived last night, along with their mentors - including Kathleen Elliot, who has been to Haiti many times. She and her daughter Mary Kate are back in Haiti after visiting just last month. The students are holding well child checkups for sponsor children this week, a vital part of the program at PID. Hopefully they will be able to see the 130 kids that were given appointments for this week! In a debrief last night, students mentioned that they were touched by how attentive and involved parents of sponsor children were regarding the health and well being of their kids. Each child received gifts after their check ups, including toothpaste, toothbrushes, toys, clothes, and a hygiene kit. 

Nursing students Tina and Wesley

The nursing students will have a busy stay here, with several mobile clinics scheduled and lots of well child checkups. All the students will have the chance to see Canaan and work on construction while they are here. They will truly get a feel for daily life at PID, and, like every team, help strengthen the philosophy behind our work in Haiti. 

- Avery 

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