Saturday, January 9, 2016

The final day

In these past two weeks most of our 255 sponsored children have come in for a well child check! The nursing students are in the clinic today to see the last few. Even though most of the kids are healthy and leave with only vitamins from the pharmacy, the mothers are thankful for the time and effort the team has spent taking care of their children. We have found many kids who need a dentist and will start with evaluations in a few weeks with our local dentist.

Today we have 30 village children out back doing crafts, games and english lessons. They really enjoy jump-rope and playing with the foam pool noodles. The craft today is the paper plate fish again and some coloring pages.

The construction team is finishing up their work on the houses in Desierto tying their last rebar and mixing their last batches of cement.

These two weeks have been so productive both in the clinic and at construction. Some team members shared last night that a highlight of their week was the happiness of the children and people of Guatemala despite their circumstances. That is something that inspires us at PID to keep working with the poorest of the poor each and every day.

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