Friday, January 1, 2016

Starting 2016

Today we started off the new year doing what we always do: helping people. We worked on construction, did a children's program and installed our first plancha stoves! 7 sponsored families received a new stove that will save them tons of money on firewood and will take the smoke up and out of the house eliminating a lot of the respiratory problems that are so common in the village.

We had a very special lunch at Felipe's house. He received the first PID house 10 years ago and two of the original team members were here today to celebrate. Some of the older girls performed a traditional dance and Felipe gave a speech thanking PID for changing the life of his family ten years ago. He said that when he was first told he would receive a house, he thought it was a dream. But to his surprise 25 american students actually showed up on January 3rd 2006 to start his house.

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