Thursday, January 7, 2016

A half day and hotsprings - Weds Jan. 6th

The clinic crew continued to see sponsored kids for their well-child check ups. The concept of bringing your child to see a doctor even if he isn't sick does not really exist in Guatemala. We require it for all sponsored kids to look for things that may go unnoticed by the parents - anemia, parasite, malnutrition - so we can catch them and correct them in time so that the child stays healthy.

The construction crew continued their hard work on the houses. One site had to transport a truck load of sand in wheelbarrows to the construction site. The newly elected mayor has offered to collaborate with PID and is donating some construction materials - this week it comes in the form of a truck load of sand and cement blocks for the plancha stoves.

The craft at the children's program was paper plate fish. The kids had a fun time decorating their creatures and I have never seen such a rainbow of fish. Sports class consists mainly of soccer with a few kids on the sidelines hitting each other with foam pool noodles. In English class the kids have been learning basic phrases along with colors, fruits and months of the year.

The team had lunch to go on the bus as they drove up into the mountains to visit the hotsprings. They were able to soak their sore muscles in the pools heated by a nearby volcano. It was a very relaxing afternoon.

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