Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Thank You! From Marie-France

Marie France and her 5 month-old baby.

This woman just knocked on my office door absolutely BEAMING. I asked her if I could help her, and she replied, no she just wanted to say "Thank you!". Not recognizing her, I asked for what. She reminded me that she was here in early November and a visiting American doctor immediately recognized her baby's urgent medical needs, surpassing PID's own capacity for malnutrition cases. We sent her right away to a hospital in Tabarre to be referred to their malnutrition program. The baby was just released this morning. Marie France says she spent over a month in their malnutrition program and the medical professionals there say that had she not come when she did the baby would have died. Marie France weighed in the baby today and she is a healthy weight for her age - not even qualifying for PID's nutrition program (that's a good thing!). We will follow up with her in a few weeks to make sure the baby's weight stays up. Marie France says "Thank you!" to the doctor who was here because without that recommendation, she says she would not have known she should have gone to the hospital.

Her smile melts me. I told her she didn't need to thank me, but promised I'd post her thank you online for all to see.

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