Tuesday, August 4, 2015

VBS concludes and the team says goodbye

Team members Cassidy and Brian leading kids from one activity to another.

Last week's VBS concluded as smoothly as it began. The team was tired but they kept up their energy for the sake of the kids. The last few days of camp was for the communities of Bigarad and Canaan.
Throughout the week, kids on the PID bus would often arrive to PID singing and clapping on the bus. I was finally able to catch a video of Canaan kids singing (shouting?) as they got off the bus, ready for VBS, however, I couldn't get the video to upload! Sorry, folks. Here is a link to a video of morning singing at VBS instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLXG7-EaqSg&feature=em-upload_owner#action=share

Samuel and Jackie

The team really loves to work with the PID translators and staff who work VBS annually. They gave out gift bags of appreciation to them at the end of the week. At debrief, the team told me they consider them co-leaders of the camp rather than just translators. I whole-heartedly agree. I love seeing Samuel, Michelson and the rest of the guys light up when they work with the kids.

At every day of camp, the kids each put their thumb-print on a large canvas in the shape of a cross. The church group will return to their home church with the beautiful mural of thumb-prints as a reminded to them and their congregation of the children they left in Haiti, and the meaningful week of VBS spent here at PID. The team enjoyed a beach day in the sunshine, and then headed back to the US early on Sunday morning.

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