Friday, July 10, 2015

Progress for the Team's Second Day

The team continued work painting the houses in Canaan today, and started on a foundation for another house. They tell me they are ready for the tough work of digging a foundation. :)

 Nurse Jenn saw more well-child kids as well as some clinic patients, with Intern Mike shadowing her. Intern Evelyn and a team member, Sam, helped me out in the office today, too. Evelyn helped me plot Canaan houses on a map, and Sam organized and filed the well child forms from Well Child patients. 

In the morning I went to Canaan to check in on a family or two and I got to see the team at work while I was there. It was a super hot day, but these guys have great attitudes. Most of them were here last year also, and its been interesting hearing their reflections on how things are different at PID and in Haiti in general. A good end to their second day! Looking forward to finishing painting tomorrow, then an afternoon trip to the museum.

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