Sunday, July 12, 2015

Breezy, Bittersweet Beach Day

Howdy Reader,

You missed an awesome weekend!  On Saturday, the team worked a half day doing construction before heading off to the museum, which showcases pieces from various Haitian artists as well as artifacts and stories from different eras of Haiti's complex history (it also has AC).  Afterwards, they headed to the food court and got to sample Haiti's best impression of American food (pizza, burgers, etc.) while watching class dynamics unfold in a bustling area of Port-au-Prince.  However, after all that and a busy work week, people were feeling a little tired and ready to relax.  

Which was perfect, because today was all about the beach!  We spent the day lounging in (or hiding from) the hot sun, swimming in the deep blue Caribbean waves, and bartering with local vendors over their wares.  It was one of those days that ends with you feeling tired but content, and maybe a little sunburned. 

At this point, you might be wondering why the title includes "bittersweet."  Today is my final day in Haiti (I've been an intern at PID for the last 6 weeks), and I'm finding it hard to leave.  I know that I will appreciate air conditioning, ice cold water, and familiar music on the radio back home (although some Haitian tunes are pretty catchy).  But after that wears off, I know I'll miss the friends I've made here.  Haitians are so loving, welcoming, and funny that it's easy to form friendships, even with a language barrier.  If you ever get a chance to make it down, I recommend it.  I've really enjoyed my time working at the clinic, and I'll definitely be back! 

Intern Mike

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