Monday, June 15, 2015

Next House in Guatemala

I'd like to introduce you to our next family to receive a PID house. A team of teenagers and their chaperons are arriving today and will start building for this family. Eduardo Xiloj is 11 years old and studying in the fifth grade at the school in the village. He has an older sister named Merly who is 13 and a younger sister Amalia who is 5. He has been sponsored for a few years by a lovely couple from Maine. 

Eduardo and his sisters live with their parents in his maternal grandparents house. The seven people lived cramped in a one-room concrete house with cement floors. Their kitchen is in a tin shack next to the house. His father is unemployed and the family is going through a tough time financially. His grandparents would like them to move out because there isn't enough space in their small house for everyone.

Inside their current house - not much space for 7 people!

This is where PID will step in! Over the next few months we will be building Eduardo's family a new house that will be their own and keep them dry during the rainy season. It will provide a safe environment for the kids to grow and help the family while his father is looking for a new job.

Check back for updates on how the construction is moving along! 

This is the land where the new house will be

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