Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Meaningful Last Day for Scranton University

The Scranton University team spent a meaningful morning yesterday participating in the handing over of two Canaan houses to two new families. The women who were receiving the new homes came to breakfast with the team, had their final meeting with JnOnes, the director of Mortgage program. Then we all rode to Canaan on the PID bus. The two women accepted the keys to their new homes as well as a welcome-basket of oil, rice and beans, etc. The women thanked the team for their work on the house. The team, on behalf of the MANY teams who have worked on this house, accepted their thanks. The ladies actually hugged every person in the room. It was very genuine and after we prayed together for the women, we took some pictures together.

After that emotionally-charged morning the team split up for their last day of work. Some volunteered in the clinic, some continued work on a latrine in town, and some began a temporary dwelling for twin boys in our sponsorship program who don't have anywhere to live.  At final debrief meeting, everyone's minds were on the ceremony from that morning. I was glad that the team was so appreciate of being there for that moment, since the moment of giving the keys to new PID families doesn't come around every week.

Our next team has already arrived in part - the other part arrives tonight. They are a medical team from different parts of the United States, we'll have an eventful week doing mobile clinics and seeing patients at PID as well.

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