Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tomorrow is DAY ONE!

Today was wild! (Read: the next four days will be wilder.)

 Our group has a medical team, a Christmas party team and two different construction teams. The constuction teams are working on repairing the home of one of our staff nurses whose home was devastated by the 2010 eartquake, and the other construction team is doing a total rehaul of a clinic bathroom, among one thousand other projects.

 The Christmas party people spent today making over 500 gift bags for the sponsorship kids coming to the parties. There will be a party every day starting tomorrow until monday, and on each of those days over 100 sponsorship kids will come. I have spent plenty of time at PID Haiti but this is only my 2nd Christmas party. We have a lot if Christmas Party veterans here so not to worry.

Enjoy some shots of everybody making brownies and popcorn to give out at the party. 

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