Thursday, December 4, 2014

Gingerbread Houses and Tylenol

Today was our first day in the village here in Guatemala. Lindsay and Melissa worked in the clinic seeing patients. Many people with fevers and cold and flu symptoms. Meli (our pharmacist) was handing out a lot of tylenol.

Liz, Tara and Brian did a lot of work packing school supplies into the backpacks for christmas presents. We also had some girls from the village helping out. They also started assembling the crafts for the christmas parties. Saturday begins the christmas parties that will continue on Monday and Tuesday.

Gale, Julie and I cleaned out the lab and got some stuff ready to donate to the Health Center in San Antonio. After this evening's team meeting Gale is meeting with the nurses going over some medical information and the rest of the team is working on crafts.

school supplies ready to go into backpacks

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