Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Busy week with NSCC and Scranton arrival

Last week was a great week with the team, most of who was from North Shore Community College, friends of NSCC, and a few add-ons. Everyone worked very well together and got a lot of work done. At the work site out in Canaan, the team has been filling in the foundation and putting the blocks up on the 5th duplex. Back at PID, some team members have been working hard cleaning out the new office building that now has electricity!! (BIG thanks to Chris and Henry and all who donated supplies!!!) The meds and medical supplies depots have been emptied, refilled, and organized in preparation for and after a visit from the department of public health last Friday. And finally, in the clinic, we have been dealing with seemingly endless cases of the new epidemic in the Carribbean, the Chikungunya fever. It is not deadly but very unpleasant, characterized by high fever, bone-breaking pain, and sometimes additional symptoms such as itchy skin. It's transmitted by mosquitos, so team members have been extra careful about wearing bug spray, but luckily no team members have gotten the fever yet.

The NSCC team left this morning after an amazing week together. The team members, many who had not met before the trip, bonded over the week and formed many friendships that will last long after their return home.

This afternoon the University of Scranton arrived. They got a tour of the clinic and the yard, met our staff, and I took them for a walk around Blanchard to see the PID houses in the area. The team enjoyed playing with some of the neighborhood kids out by the Blanchard houses. Saintilia and Vania were pleasantly surprised and extremely grateful when after dinner the team offered to wash the dishes!! Thanks Scranton! Their kind gesture won't be forgotten!

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