Monday, May 26, 2014

The week with the Upper Iowa team

The Upper Iowa team is having a great and very productive week. The foundation of the house in Canaan is already completely dug, and the foundation is being put in now with big rocks and cement. Everyone is working very hard out in the hot sun, and they have gotten so much done! The yoga ladies have done a yoga and crafts program each day for kids from Mohea, Blanchard, a local orphanage, Cite Soleil, and Bigarade! All groups of kids loved it. Today they even did a pinata!

On Saturday Chris and Henry arrived and have since been very busy installing electricity in the new admin building. We are all so excited to finally be able to move the offices over very soon! 

Over the weekend, the team went on a tour of downtown Port-au-Prince, a visit to the museum and out to eat on Saturday. On Sunday, the team enjoyed a relaxing day at the beach.

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