Monday, March 24, 2014

Yoga team arrives

On Sunday we said goodbye to the UMass Dartmouth group and we welcomed a new team. Lauren, Karen, and Jessica, 3 yoga team members, joined Tara, who had signed up to do construction but will actually be working with the yoga program for the week. Tamara is staying a second week here with the new group, and will continue seeing patients for (and with) Dr. Paul.

The yoga team had their first day of yoga today with kids from the orphanage. They had a great day with the kids, doing yoga moves and arts and crafts. The kids finished off their afternoon with a hot meal. The ladies are looking forward to a great week and lots of fun with the kids!

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  1. Thank you Lizzy for your beautiful reminder of the power of HOPE and the impact of PID in the lives of the poorest of the poor. Your selfless service these past 3 years is also a sign of hope for the future when someone as young as you elects to give so generously. I have been blessed to work with you! Jeanne