Monday, March 24, 2014

The rest of the week with UMass Dartmouth

We had a great week here with the UMass Dartmouth team. They did well child checkups for about half of our sponsored kids!! The nurses and students gave each child a very thorough head to toe exam. All of the emergency babies as well got to get seen by Margo, the pediatrician. We are so excited to be able to offer well child visits to so many kids!! Everyone did a great job, and the kids and their parents were so appreciative.

Tamara spent the week working in the clinic with several of the nurses and some of the students as well. Dr. Paul was in and out, seeing patients in between working on several projects with Guetchine. Samuel 2 had a big diabetic class on Thursday, with over 50 patients! The people from the big diabetic center of Haiti, Fhadimac, came and did a class for Samuel's patients. Each patient got a blood sugar test, blood pressure taken, and meds. Kathleen and a couple students helped Samuel.

Each student had one day out at the construction site, where they made great progress on the Blanchard house.

Throughout the week, many sponsors had the opportunity to meet or reunite with their sponsored children.

The team went on a tour of Port-au-Prince on Friday after work and out to eat at Epidor. On Saturday, Tamara taught a class for many of her sickle cell patients. Marceline also taught a class on family planning for many local young women. While Samuel translated for Tamara's sickle cell class, Kathleen ran Samuel's diabetic clinic. When the clinics and classes were over, the team headed to the beach to relax for their last day.

The UMD students prepared fantastic posters in creole to put up in our clinic on scabies and immunizations.

The students presenting their posters

 Diabetic class with Samuel

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