Sunday, March 16, 2014

Goodbye Gordon, Hello Umass Dartmouth!

Gordon College team had a great week. The cafeteria is finished, screened in, and painted! It looks beautiful. Pictures soon, internet willing. Paul also worked on furnishings for the sponsorship office in the new admin building and built benches for the cafeteria! Out at the construction site, the team not only finished filling in the foundation, but started putting blocks up on the duplex in Canaan. They made so much progress!! The team left with a lots of new experiences, a new perspective on poverty, and lots of great new friendships with the staff here and the children at the worksite.

We said good-bye to Gordon yesterday and Claudia today. Claudia spent a month here working in the clinic, helping in triage and wound care. We will miss her!

Today the UMass Dartmouth nursing team arrived, and Dr. Tamara and Dr. Margo. We are so excited to have this great team here! The bunkhouse is completely packed. The team brought so many PID bags and so much great supplies. We spent the afternoon unpacking all the suitcases and sorting out donations. Jeanne and I led an intro meeting with the team before dinner because everyone was so tired after a long day of travel. We are looking forward to a great week together!


  1. Nice to know that the UMass Nursing team arrived there safely. Enjoy your 2nd year with the team Paula Cruz. Hope you all have a great week and looking forward to all your stories and pictures (of course) from Haiti!

  2. Hi Ms. Lizzy, I hope you can post a picture of UMD nursing team so I can link it to our church fb page. Thanks.