Monday, February 10, 2014

Atitlan and a day of adventures

Yesterday we enjoyed a great day at Lake Atitlan. Some were able to go horseback riding and others enjoyed exploring San Pedro.

Today it was back to work in the clinic and it was quite the adventurous day. The morning went quite well and the kids enjoyed the craft. In the afternoon as we were driving into Saquiy another truck was coming out and had to back up so we could pass. But he backed up and one of his tires slipped off the bridge and he got stuck.

Brad and Josh went off and came back with a long beam (who knows where they got it from. Rumor has it that  Brad cut down a tree and formed it into a beam, but I guess we'll never know)that was used as a lever to lift the truck up. After about 15 minutes of working and pushing and pulling and lifting, the truck was finally released!!

On the way out we got stuck behind another truck that wouldn't start and we had to help push it into someone's front yard so we could get by.  Never a dull moment working in Guatemala.

Tonight after the team meeting I went out with my mom and niece Cadyn to the supermarket to buy some piƱatas for tomorrow's VBS party.

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