Sunday, February 16, 2014

A visit from Gale and team arrives

Gale left Haiti yesterday after spending a very busy 4 days here with us, in which every waking minute was spent in meetings as Gale tirelessly worked with the directors and staff here to continue to improve as our programs grow. On Friday, as part of MSPP's requirements to step up from a 6-month license to a 2-year license, we held an "evacuation simulation" (a fire drill) at our clinic with the staff. It was quite a comical scene as Mr. Genois announced with a bullhorn that everyone must exit due to a fire, and clinic staff all rushed to carry out some of us who played "patients".

Today we are thankful that despite the storms, the group arrived safely in Haiti with no flight cancellations. We welcome a few familiar faces and many new faces as well as we look forward to a great week together, working in the clinic and out at the construction site. We also welcome Claudia, an EMT who will spend a month here helping out in the clinic.

After the team's arrival, we had an unpacking party in which we unpacked all the PID suitcases they brought. It was like Christmas! The team worked together to unpack with record time and efficiency. The team then enjoyed a delicious dinner, then an introductory meeting before they settled down for the night.

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