Friday, January 10, 2014

The rest of the week with St Joe's

Today we said good-bye to Martha, Ken, Heroina, and 11 members of the St Joe's team.The rest of the team will be leaving tomorrow.

It's been a busy past couple days. The team made a lot of progress in both Canaan and Blanchard, and the rest of the nursing students had the opportunity to help out in the clinic. I took the team for a walk around Blanchard to see all the PID houses in the area. Two team members were able to meet their sponsored children.

Mr. Genois and Mme Pavelus each came to one of our nightly meetings. Mme Pavelus gave the group a history lesson, about the history of Haiti as experienced by herself, and Mr. Genois thanked the group for all their hard work. He also explained PID's programs, with a special focus on the sponsorship program. If the team did not fully understand the importance of their work here in Haiti, they certainly did after Mr. Genois spoke. He also sends a special thank you to all the families of all the students for allowing their kids to come spend a week in Haiti.

Stephen's Glass cutting class has been a huge success! There are currently 3 finished stones and they all look beautiful! The students are so excited about what they now can make out of something that was once trash. They are really starting to get the hang of the machine, and they each had the opportunity to do it on their own today.

I know you are all waiting for pictures. Here they are!

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  1. If the glass cutting could also turn into stained glass window work making picture frames or hangings, that would be good and salable too!