Thursday, January 9, 2014

The end of two busy weeks

Today the team had their last day in the village.

The children's program celebrated their last day with a party complete with clown show and hotdogs for 170 kids!

The construction team finished the foundation for the house. They also set a record for how fast they moved materials today. The moved 200 cement blocks in about 15 minutes! And according to Mike they had to move them about 175 steps!

There was also a soccer game at a field in the village in the afternoon. Boys vs. Girls. Girls won!

The clinic saw over 250 patients this week! Everyone from young babies to old ladies! Parasites, respiratory problems, open ulcers, infected fingers and babies that are just too small.

Miguel is on his way to Guatemala City with 4 team members who have an early flight tomorrow. They will stay overnight in a hostal. Most of the rest of the team will go into the airport with Sergio tomorrow.
Miguel and I will be taking the last three girls who arrived to Antigua for the day.

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