Monday, January 20, 2014

The rest of the week with the Greenfield group

Yesterday the Greenfield Community College group left. They had a great week, working in the clinic and out at the construction site. The students enjoyed working in the clinic and learned a lot while working with John seeing patients, and helping out at the discharge station, in wound care, triage, and in the pharmacy. Out in the hot sun and blowing dust in Canaan, the group worked very hard digging a foundation for a new house as well as helping the Haitian workers as they put blocks up on the third duplex in Canaan. They made a lot of progress!

On Saturday, the team enjoyed their last day at the beach soaking up some of Haiti's beautiful sun. The team was also able to go for a driving tour of downtown Port-au-Prince after the beach and finished off their day with dinner out at Epidor.

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