Tuesday, July 9, 2013

First Day of Construction

Today the UConn team went to the construction site for a half day of work. They formed a chain and transported concrete for the building of a new PID house. They also moved stones out of the way for the next foundation to be started.

Holly and Jimmy did inventory of medicine in a depot and also taught two English classes.

Our other intern Zach came to Haiti today. He will be here for six weeks.

Written by Patrick & Kasia (it was all Kasia).


  1. Hello UConn Team! Sounds like your first day has gone well with a bit of heavy lifting! Tell all I said hello and enjoy!

    - Deneen Hatmaker

    1. Hi Deneen,

      We are having a wonderful time in Haiti. Today, we started working on a third house foundation while continuing to work on a second house. The work that we are doing is harder than we did in NOLA. There is no power tools, but the Haitian workers are so skilled and knowledgeable about their job that I am in awe. The people are extremely friendly and the food is great. See you soon!


    2. Hi Carline,

      thanks for the reply! yes, an interesting blog post from the team on Wednesday. I've been on the PID site this week signing up for a trip in December to Guatemala with my family (although I was lobbying for Haiti since I could not go this summer, Mike wanted to take his daughter to a Spanish-speaking country so she can practice - I tried!). Be well and enjoy!