Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Hello world! Today we returned to Canaan and broke ground for the, count em... THIRD HOUSE! (while construction on the second house continues). Thomas, with his huge muscles paired with tiny tank tops, spent all day on his abs... I mean sifting. As a team, we are pretty easy on the eyes. Today, Chantal dribbled sparingly. On us. 'Twas nice. Once again we found that everything Americans do, Haitians can do better. This was especially true for the pick-axe jobs, as two team members, Becky and D'Andre, who normally hold the entire group together, were fired (politely) three times each. OH yeah. There were goatties (aka goats aka cute aka too cute to boot). One had an umbilical cord hanging from its belly. But that means it was young enough to be fuzzy and adorbs. OVER AND OUT. Peace out.<3 <3

Written by Pattie with a tiny bit help from Becky (<3)