Saturday, June 22, 2013

Staff education Saturday

The construction crew from McMurry University worked for the morning out in Canaan. The foundation is coming along great. Some team members helped out my mom and Marlis with the yoga program. In the morning, the Blanchard kids came, but in the afternoon, we invited a local orphanage to participate with us for the first time. None of these kids had ever done yoga before, but they caught on quick. They enjoyed the excersizes, the crafts, and the meal and were very well behaved.

This morning Gena held a class for the clinic staff about different kinds of emergencies we receive in the clinic, how to tell when it's an emergency, and how to deal with it. Liz and John helped her out with the class and did some demonstrations with the staff. For some of the staff, this was a great review, and for others it was lots of new information. It's great to have Gena back to share her experience and knowledge with our staff who are always so eager to learn.

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