Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rough day with a great ending

This morning had a very rough start. It started with a young boy from the village trying to cross the highway with his much older brother, only to get hit by a motocycle. He was rushed to the hospital and Abby and I drove the mother. We moved him out of the general hospital once we found out the level of care they provided. He was stablized at the new place and the Cscan revealed no brain damage. He only had a fractured rib and a few cuts and abrasions. But soon as we left we received a call from the team that one of the members had fallen and broken his wrist. Abby dropped me off back at the clinic and returned to the hospital. Only to return to pick up another person from the team who had torn a ligament. We now have two team members in a cast, but back at the hotel and doing well.

When I finally got to the school, there was a giant surprise party for me. There was dancing, presents and presentations and a delicious lunch. While the kids from Concepcion and Desieto did many dances one dance stuck out. Manuela( in her 60's) and Isabel ( in her 80'S) did an original Mayan dance. It was very impressive.

There seemed to be a lot of planning that went into the party. Later I asked Abby were the money came from and she said the women of the village sold food in front of the clinic every week and saved all the money to plan the party. I cried my way through the party. The party ended with a pinata , made to look like me. I think the pinata looked like an improved version of me. It was such a kind gesture from the village.

The best present that I received was the news that Tomas( the young boy hit by the motocycle) was okay.

I went to the airport to pick up Tim who arrived tonight to join the team. I stayed in Guatemala City. I  will fly out early in the morning to visit the possible site of the third country.

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