Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Two kids graduate from Medika Mamba

Today was another busy and productive day for the team here in Haiti. The doctor and nurses started early wtih 3 patients in the ER before breakfast was served. Later on in the day, they had a very strange case come in, a woman screaming and crying and hyperventilating, saying she has severe belly pain. We ended up sending her to the hospital, never able to figure out what was wrong with her, although she may very well have psychological issues as well. The construction crew continues to work hard here at PID on the office, and the yoga ladies continued to run a successful children's program for the Cite Soleil kids and orphanage kids.

Today almost all of the malnourished kids in our medika mamba program were here at the same time. Samuel weighed and measured all of them and determined that through the program, two of these kids have moved from the "red", severely malnourished, to the "yellow", moderately malnourished, and are now in the "green", healthy, according to WHO standards. He met with each of these children's parents, telling them their child has graduated from medika mamba. He congratulated them on their patience and persistance, coming in three times a week to recieve nutritious peanut butter cookies and milk, even when they had no hope for their child's life. They expressed gratitude to PID for dramatically changing the situation of their child. Many of the other children have moved from the red into the yellow, and Samuel encouraged those parents as well. Everyone was really happy for those who'd graduated and we all took pictures together. The parents have been a sort of support group for each other, encouraging one another and giving advice for their children. The parents whose children who are severely malnourished are encouraged by parents who've been through the same struggles with their children, who are now fat and healthy, knowing that one day with the help of God and PID, their child will be brought back to health as well.

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