Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A great first day!

Today was an awesome first day to the team here in Guatemala. They jumped right in to work and things went very smoothly. The nurses saw around 70 patients! We are still at the clinic seeing the last few patients. (It's 5:30 and the clinic usually closes at 4) It's nice to work with such dedicated people that don't mind staying late to see every last patient. Gale and I have some research to do about a patient that we can't figure out.

My dad and Phil painted the first clinic room and it looks awesome! Outside the team worked on building some water filters with Miguel and Sergio. Across the road some people helped bring supplies in from the road where they were dropped off into the construction site where they will be building a house.

The children's program team lead by Ruth and Shelby made a ton of bags filled with clothes and toys to be given out in the clinic and at the children's program. Tomorrow is the first official day of the program.

Gale and I spent some time organizing many donated school supplies. A big THANK YOU to those of you who donated. Students here in Guatemala will be very happy to use them!

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