Friday, November 9, 2012

End to a great week

Today was the team's last day of work. Dr.Tamara held another class for a second group of sickle cell patients. There were 11 attendees today. Everyone who hadn't yet officially entered into our new sickle cell program received red cards and appointments to return in a month to be seen by Dr. Sem. Nurse GeJuan continued to work hard in the emergency room. Yesterday she made an emergency trip with Pouchon with a 3-day old baby with a high fever to Medishare. Jimmy has been helping out by doing some data entry for us here at the clinic.
Mr. Genois came by this evening to thank the small group for their huge help. He thanked them for their love that they show towards the Haitian people when they give up their time to come here and work so hard. He reminded them how important health is and how valuable the work is that they are doing.

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